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So, normally I keep posts to this blog related to my teaching life. Perhaps that sometimes makes me sound as if I don’t have a life outside of teaching. In truth, I often feel that way. However…it’s not 100% the case. I’m going to deviate from the norm today to bitch. In stereotypical female fashion I’m going to bitch about a guy.

Ok…so I met this guy, BarBoy, at (duh) a bar at the end of March. I was out with friends and unlike some/many women, my goal that night was not to pick up a guy. And, I didn’t really pick him up (as in, take him home). We talked. We flirted. He got my #. That was a Friday (3/27) & we talked/texted a bit off & on (though I tried to keep it to a minimum for awhile, esp the texting — don’t want to establish this as a primary means of communication, b/c that well…it’s just not the best), and then went out on a date (just drinks/hang out) that next Thursday (4/2). We make plans to hang out again…dinner, for Wed. I see him before then on that Tuesday (4/7), because my friend & I moved from one bar to another. [She & I were out, it was his bday, our event at one bar (a trivia contest) was through & he said to come join him & pals there]. So, we see each other Tuesday, discuss where we’re going to dinner Wednesday, and then do dinner Wednesday (4/8). Dinner goes well, and is followed by a walk around our downtown, holding hands, and then we went to a very divey bar (my fave kind) for a drink. [This was the week of Spring Break for me]. That Saturday (4/11), my friend is having a party — very informal, BBQ, beer & card games. She says to invite him, so I do. He shows up. We have fun. In between when we see each other, there has usually been some sort of contact/communication (text or talking or both) each day. [By this time, we have kissed and continue to kiss each time we’ve seen each other, but nothing further]. Our next date (frequency increasing) is Monday (4/13) where we go see Fast & Furious (b/c I thought it looked fun & he loves cars & I love Vin Diesel’s arms). Fun. Dinner again on Thursday (4/16) (my treat this time) and we go out for a drink to his fave bar afterwards. Then Friday, I don’t hear much from him. I’d sent him a text during the lunch time (perfectly appropriate texting time, since you’re never sure if they’re on their break or not, on both ends) and it mentioned doing a double date w/ a friend of mine from school & her fiance, who he incidentally went to HS with (we discovered this bizarre connection at 4/11 party). I didn’t hear much from him Friday, but he was out & I was out, etc.

Saturday was my birthday. He knew this (we’ve been discussing that all month). I heard nothing from him. I was out of town for a friend’s wedding, but a short call or even a text (or a facebook message) would have been enough. Since I’m out of town, I text just 2x. No reply.

Sunday, drive back. I try to call & get no answer. Sunday evening, I finally see that his facebook status indicates his phone has utterly died & he’s lost all his #s etc (I knew this was one of the many possibilities, since 2 wks ago he’d talked about the fact he’s phone’s a piece of crap & he hates Motorola phones, etc etc). So, I send him my number on facebook and a lil while later, I call him using the # he’d posted for people to reach him if they needed to do so. He answered, said he was busy & he’d call me back.

He did not call me back.


How do you go from talking to someone every day, to the complete opposite AND also not acknowledging MY BIRTHDAY? I wasn’t asking for the moon, but truth be told, my birthday is a REALLY BIG DEAL to me (immature, I mean, I’m 31 now for pete’s sake, but I don’t care) and for him to seemingly ignore it?! Hurt my feelings and drove me crazy up, down and sideways all weekend long. I mean, if you don’t have a phone, you can still get on facebook & post HB there. For eff’s sake.

So, I don’t know what’s going on with this or him. But I don’t like it. And I knew I was starting to fall for him pretty big time (once I do fall, it’s like that proverbial snow ball down the mountain — turns into a boulder by the end), which makes me upset that I’m this upset about it. GAH.

Do I have cause to be upset here? I know I’m overreacting with my level of upset-ness, but the rest of it, it’s warranted, right? What could be the deal?

I’ve been advised by friends to wait for him to contact me. I’m NOT good at that. I’m impatient and I don’t like giving up the control of things like that — why should I have to wait? I think that I deserve an explanation for this incommunicado and the complete lack of anything regarding my bday. GAH!

This. is. why. I. HATE. dating (anymore).


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