My nerdy side

So…when I’m not being a teacher, or a terminally single gal, I’m a great big nerd. However, I’m a nerd about specific things.

One of those things I’m nerdy about is Harry Potter. I can not WAIT for the new movie to come out, even though I prefer the books to the movies. Since there are no more books to be had (till Rowling compiles & releases her Harry-pedia), I’ll have to make due with the movies. July 15th is a long wait for someone who calls herself an addict (yeah, me).

I’ve been on the HP bandwagon since my mom heard about the books when Rosie O’Donnell had a talk show in the mid to late 1990s. I read my mom’s copy of Book 1 over Thanksgiving break (I think it was junior year of college, so 1998) and then that year she got Book 2 and Book 3 for Christmas. I read them both before she did. I read one of them straight through in one day, since I wasn’t working over Christmas that year.

Book 4 came out the summer right after I was out of college. I remember buying it at the local bookstore in the teeny-tiny armpit town I was living in while I worked my first radio job. I thought it was good, but I wasn’t obsessed yet.

Not till Book 5. The time leading up to Book 5…that was when I officially caught the fever. I remember looking at website after website (J.K. Rowling’s, MuggleNet, HP Lexicon, etc) trying to formulate theories. I had moved out of armpit & back to college town and I had a few friends who were into the books by then. One in particular was a newspaper reporter (while I was a radio news director) and we just could not WAIT for HP & the Order of the Phoenix to come out.

After Book 5, which I zoomed through, I moved to current big-lil city (not like that same day, but now that I look back at the pub date, it was the same year). When book 6 came out I was dating man-who-broke-my-heart and stood in line by my lonesome to purchase my copy at midnight (my 1st midnight book release).

Book 6 is the current movie, which will be released in July. I’m excited, but yet, not. I’m sure I’ll feel the same, just more so, when movie 7 comes out in theaters.

The release of Book 7 was bittersweet for me (as I’m sure it was to most HP fans). It was what we’d all been waiting for — we got to find out who would live, who would die, and whether Harry or Voldemort would be victorious. Yet, that meant it was over. I read Harry, a History this fall/winter and it was exactly what I was feeling. The author captured it exactly, the difference being she was closer to all the action and excitement throughout the series’ publication.

So, now I wait for movie 6 and if the trailer has done it justice, then it should be good. It certainly was a great book. But, then again, aren’t they all?


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