The Research Paper

If someone would post an easy tutorial about how to link to documents, I could put my rubrics up for all to see.

I’m kind of proud of how I’ve done with this project this time around. I have (now, with the final draft due date looming on 4/28) many students who are passing. After the first grade update a few weeks ago and the amnesty each class was granted, most kids kicked themselves into gear and I’m excited to see them accomplishing LOTS with their writing and research.

Some of them, obviously, write better than others.

I’m always refinining how I explain things.

I’m getting more consistent in my expectations for components of the project (as in what parts are due when, points value, etc)

I need to wrestle with my conscience on what to do about that pesky late work. Even with a calendar, when I had kids who were absent, they came back without any work completed. Apparently it’s too much to expect them to be really, really on top of things and personally accountable.

Some of my students, who I thought would just bomb this project, have been doing really well.

I was SO excited to see one of my students helping another student use NoodleTools last block. Particularly nice, since this student takes pride in being an obnoxious loud mouth who loves to hear his own voice and antagonize his peers (in a joking manner, mostly). He’s one of the ones whose work and effort has been a pleasant surprise.

I wish that the number of failures in my last block class wasn’t equal to half the class. *sigh*

And, now I really must go grade their rough drafts.

The whole she-bang is due next week — I can hardly believe it!


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