Oy vey! So, I’m excited that more kids turned in research papers than I’ve had in past classes. However, that means…I have to GRADE more research papers than I’ve done before.


Out of the 62 students (I started out this quarter with around 75 — I’ve lost most of those due to expulsion/reassignment), only 16 did not turn in their papers. That’s pretty good. My last block class (my heathen children of the quarter, but not nearly as bad as my heathen class first semester), had 8 of 22 who did not turn in a paper. However, I was (sadly) not surprised. I have two crates full of their submissions (I have them turn in EVERYTHING — sources, notecards, outlines, etc — at the end).

Next week we have presentations. V. exciting! In order to make things easier on everyone, they will present over the research paper/project they did. However, I’m kind of figuring that those who did not turn in a paper, will think they do not need to give a speech. *sigh*

Ok…should grade or something today.


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