Oy…the students are actually squirrels today. They are so distracted and snippy with each other and completely off-task.

I’m finally (I needed a bit of a break from them) reading through their final drafts of the research paper. I noticed something…some of them did not turn IN a final draft. Nope, just turned in their rough draft. The other thing is that their final drafts (a few) are not long enough. We’ve been working on this project since March 16th. You can’t write the minimum of four pages with that much time? Oy vey!

I just had to get that out…

Some of the papers are pretty good, which is nice. I feel like all I do is complain and I don’t like that about myself. Not all my students are horrible. I like a lot of them quite a bit. The ideas they have in their papers are pretty good — their language mechanics, grammar, sentence structure, etc are what desparately need work.

Oy…so tired too. No rest for the wicked though — scoring practice writing assessments tomorrow and walking my 1/2-marathon fundraiser on Sunday. So much for getting a nap in this weekend. *sigh*


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