Home stretch

Tomorrow is the last official day for seniors. The day after, they either come to take finals, or not (depending on behavior, absences and grades).

The 22nd is the last day for everyone. Hooray!

I’m re-writing quizzes for my after school credit-recovery program. It’s taking longer than I’d like. The quizzes are over The Hobbit. The quizzes are multiple choice. This is causing me to have to skim through parts of the book to come up with the answers. I put a joke in about Sting (related to a question about Bilbo’s sword), which NONE of my students will get. *sigh*

I wanted to try to find quick and easy grammar stuff to do for the end of school. However, I don’t want to use 70+ workbooks for just 1.5ish weeks. And, I don’t want to cart around grammar textbooks for that time period either. I dunno…maybe I will. We’ve been told that next year we’ll have to focus a lot more, hard-core, on grammar instruction. I’m crappy at teaching grammar. Mostly because I don’t do it. But, I don’t do it because I’m not comfortable teaching it. I’m not good at explaining WHY things are the way they are — I just know that’s how it’s supposed to be when you’re writing/speaking. However, I know my own grammar isn’t perfect. So, that’s hard too.

My cooperating teacher, when I student taught, was like the grammar queen. My high school English teacher in 10th grade is the grammar high priestess. (Equal levels of skills and rulership, but different arenas). I have 2 coworkers who probably rock hard at grammar as well. I’m attending “Grammar Boot Camp” this summer through our district. I hope it helps. It’d be a nice filler.

I also like the idea of having reading time, for like 20 minutes, for 2 or 3 days a week. I need to develop lessons to focus on reading strategies for next year.

I want to be a kickass teacher when I grow up — like the high priestess of grammar. Till then, I can only get better, I hope.


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