Kind words

I got a farewell note in my box today from a graduating senior. I had her for both junior English and senior English — she’s one of my fave students. Bright, thoughtful, funny and I’m excited for her to go on to college. It’s messages like these that make teaching way more than tolerable.
“Midwest Teacher,
I am so grateful for everything you have done for me. You were one of the best teachers I had. You taught me so much in the 2 years you were my teacher. Thank you so much. –M”
That’s all I need for today.



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3 responses to “Kind words

  1. Where will you be teaching in the fall? many of us have received new school assignments for the fall. I have a school but have no idea what level or courses I’ll be teaching.

    • Same school, pretty much the same classes. The only difference is that I’m hoping my room assignments change — right now I’m set to float to a different room for almost every block. Bleagh. We have a new principal and a new admin for data (who’s also in charge of scheduling) so maybe next year things will be different.

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