So, my students are taking their Raisin in the Sun final today. I’m glad we got to finish the play this semester (last semester’s students did not get to finish). I’m pretty sure they’ll do ok, considering we read it in class. I think you’ll fail only if you slept through the entire darn thing.
I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of 2008-2009 school year. Wow. This year went be really quickly.
My plans for the summer include summer school, more curriculum writing (focusing on novels and creating project-based assessments for the junior English classes), Grammar “Boot Camp”, and probably this thing where I learn how to approach teaching literature and writing from a tolerance perspective.
I also plan to spend time at the gym, spend time on my couch, and take a few small road trips to visit friends. Specifically I want to go see my friends K&B & their kid (she’s not a baby anymore) in July.
Right now I’m excited for this weekend. It’s my aunt & uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. Two of my aunts & their husbands are in the area already. Most of the rest of everyone is showing up today and tonight. w00t! I’m so excited! I’m especially excited to see my cousin’s kid, T. I haven’t seen him since he was 8 mos old — now he’s 3 yrs old. Hooray. I wish today was over already and it was the evening. I want to see everyone NOW.
I just have to get through today and tomorrow. Just have to survive.


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