summer reading

I haven’t really posted much on this blog lately. Summer school took a lot out of me. As it is, there are only ~6 weeks till school starts up. That seems unreal, and it’s not nearly enough time!

I’ve been doing other reading, for myself, while on break. I’ve been reading Alan Sitomer’s book Teaching Teens… and a book I found at Borders called See Me After Class.

I like both books quite a bit. See Me After Class has been very practical and helpful. I’m not quite finished with it yet. However, I am going to try a number of the suggestions it includes, particularly the organizational system for papers, etc, it has in Chapter 5.

Sitomer’s book, on the other hand, is good, but yet I’m wondering about the reality of some his activities in my classroom. He seems to either a) have a lot of freedom to read whatever (i.e. no reading list he must choose from) or b) has a “I don’t give a care” attitude about what they read. As a third year teacher (next year) I’m not willing to try to buck the system and risk getting in trouble. Yet, I know there need to be changes made to what our students are reading. Particularly my juniors — oy, some of their books are so boring. Bleagh. Yet…his insistence that teens need to do projects in the classroom is in line with the curriculum writing I participated in at the beginning of the summer. We designed a lot of projects and came up with a lot of suggestions for many of the novels we’re allowed to teach at the junior level.**

(**side note — my group was VERY big. Some days there were 7 of us trying to write curriculum. That was too many people for me to try to collaborate with — especially when we’re all crowded around one computer, trying to work. Gah).

I have more reading to do over the summer — Great Gatsby, more teacher books, and books for a project I’m involved in that will allow for collaboration between teachers AND students from different schools within my city.

No resting on these laurels…that’s for sure. 🙂


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  1. Def interested in please see me after class, thank u 4 sharing itPlease put rest on your agenda!

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