Oh boy…

Today is the 22nd of July.

We report for meetings on the 11th of August.

The first day of school (freshmen only) is the 17th of August.


I’ve been busy…thinking that is. I’ve been reading, but a lot of it has been for pleasure (and some caused disappointment — oy…the travesty that is HP6. Geez.) I now have much less work to do when it comes to organizing my cubicle. I put a yummy smelling Glade plug-in in my one room (it smelled like cat food in there — ick). However, I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to do and in what order for next year.

I’m trying to be organized, moreso, on the whole this year. To be truthful, it’s my goal every year. Every year I get a little bit closer. But, I’m still so far away. Part of it is b/c I never know where to begin.

1st year: newb teacher, curriculum was new and no real roadmap was provided. Here are the standards, here is our ancient textbook, here is the book list and have fun.

2nd year: helped write new curriculum to go with the new textbook. Sort of a road map, a little bit better understanding of the standards and what to do with them, but still figuring out which end is up, metaphorically.

3rd year (aka, 2009-2010): helped write new curriculum with the goal of “Curriculum Based Assessment”. Didn’t realize I would be teaching seniors again, so only wrote and thought about junior curriculum. Big changes were apparently discussed for seniors.

I’m a bit nervous here folks!


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