gearing up for 2009-2010

(1/17/10 note: not sure why I didn’t post this this summer…)

So…we start meetings soon…yikes. I’ve been working on curriculum this summer (again). I’m excited for it, but I’m also nervous. There are some BIG expectations on the English teachers in our district this year. I hope I can live up to everything.

Besides new curriculum and higher expectations for 2009-2010, I’ll have a few more education-related things running. I think eventually I will eat, sleep & breathe English/Language Arts. GAH! Anyway…1) I’m doing an oustide collaborative project with teachers in my city where we partner ourselves and a few selected students from each school to work on social justice issues through literature. That will be fun & hopefully a nice diversion.

The other big thing is that I’m (hopefully, *fingers crossed*) going back to school. Yup, ever the perpetual student, I’m going to go for a Masters in Education focusing on English curriculum/instruction. I really like creating English curriculum. I’m okay with creating activities (particularly writing assignments, I think), but I’m still working on being good with coming up with all the steps needed. I’m a big-picture gal and can muddle along well enough to get done what I needed. However, I need to get better at spelling out the necessary details for my students. Anyway…Master’s Degree. Yeah. Expected date of completion, 2012. It’s a ways off, but it’ll be worth it. Woot.

I’m going to be a VERY busy girl. I hope I can handle all of it. If my posts are few and far between on here, or if they’re really cranky & stressed sounding, that is why.

On a random personal note — I colored my hair. Growing up, I was the quintessential Scandanavian-descent child = blonde hair, blue eyes. My hair started turning darker in high school, which prompted me to start dying it — no way was I NOT going to be a blonde. Blondes have more fun & were cuter. My face is cute, not classically pretty or exotic — both of which are traits I associate with brown hair. Anyway…this past year or, I’ve actually been wondering what I would look like with brown hair. So, my hair is now pretty much a dark blonde or light brown with highlights. My bottom layer of hair (I have LOTS of hair — it’s super thick) is definitely brown. I like it. I feel like I look more grown up. I guess I feel like it’s time to leave my super blonde hair in the past, with my childhood/youth.


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  1. Where were you lucky enough to find a Master in Ed that focuses on English curriculum? Most I've been able to find only deal with AYA or Middle or Early but not specific to area of instruction.

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