The new semester

Well, after a rocky start (i.e. weather-related closings), we’ve begun semester two in earnest. (Where did that saying come from anyway?)

This semester I have smaller classes (which is nice). Last semester I was close to 30 in each of my classes. This semester I have one class under 20, one class at 20, and one class at 22. I have two sections of juniors and one section of credit recovery. Credit Recovery is the largest and this class will be my toughest to stay on topic. Part of this is because more than half of these students have had me for other English classes. So, we know each other and they know the ins and outs of me as a teacher (how to get me off track, but also how to behave).

So far, we’re working on grammar and short stories. I borrowed an idea from a co-worker: notes quizzes. Rather than do notebook checks (irritating and time-consuming), you give them quizzes that are over the notes taken. Students are allowed to use their notes. This proves who’s taken notes and who hasn’t. 😀 Great idea, eh?

I may not do a big novel with my juniors this quarter. I’m seriously considering reading TONS of short stories, essays, non-fiction, etc and having our one major class work be The Crucible. I have to get them ready for the state writing test (persuasive essays) and the state reading test (non-fiction). That’s a lot of pressure as a teacher. I’m very nervous about both tests and how my kids will do on both.

Well, I have about 100 pages to read for my grad school class — I should get to it.

(Look, a new post. I may get back into this blogging thing yet!)



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2 responses to “The new semester

  1. Oh I loved The Crucible. Good luck with that Credit Recovery class!

  2. welcome back to blogging! I love those reading quizzes. I use them in my AP class, but not enough in my regular world. Maybe for the upcoming units.

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