The state of things…

This week has been absolutely CRAZY in my city, as far as high schools and high school students have been concerned. At different schools throughout the city proper and its ‘burbs we’ve had incidents involving tazers, public drunkenness of a student, a non-student trying to start a fight with a student at school, a school with 15 fights at once, and a shotgun almost making it into a school. W.T.F.

This makes me sad and frustrated and freaked out, to be honest. I know that things have changed, since Columbine, and that violence of that magnitude does now occur in school. I just…well I guess I thought we were immune.

My school has had fights every day of the week this week, except today. There were fights last Friday too. That’s a LOT of fighting. My supervisor’s theory has to do with low pressure systems and phases of the moon. I just think we’ve had way too damn much winter. The kids are cooped up and stir crazy. And it’s just breeding amongst them.

Side note: I kicked a kid out of class today for imitating a blow job (the motions) on a newspaper. Seriously? Who thinks that’s appropriate? What the hell.

This week has not been good — as far as student behavior. It’s been good in other ways, but I’m just so glad it’s over that I don’t have the energy to talk about that now.


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