I got a letter in my school mailbox saying that they were not able to offer me a job at my school for summer school this year.
Today in our mailroom I saw a notice up that they need summer school teachers in all areas.
Apparently they are desperate, but they are not desperate enough that they want me to do summer school.
How can do anything BUT take this personally?
I feel as if a big part of it is b/c the person who is principal for summer school (who is not our normal principal during the year) doesn’t like me.
I know I should just be like “whatever” and let it slide off my back like a duck in water — but a part of me can’t.
And I just feel very insecure about my job in general, because of this, right now.


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  1. Ouch. That really sucks. I can't imagine a world where one could NOT take that personally.I'm sorry you feel things are so precarious. Hoping they get better for you.

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