My summative evaluation arrived in my school mailbox today. It’s primarily positive. I earned proficient on many of the markers they assessed. However, I have to work on my smart mouth apparently (to put it bluntly, and in simple terms). Ooops. I know that it is a big problem with me, and I’m sure that it will only get worse if I don’t check it. But it’s such an ingrained part of my personality. How does one even start to change that about themselves?




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4 responses to “Eval

  1. Hmmmm…… were you rude to your students? tell the observer she/he looked fat in whatever they were wearing?

    What’s going on here?

  2. I’m really sarcastic…it’s something that I’ve honed since my elementary years. Apparently it’s a bad thing. 😦
    This habit will be hard to break I fear…

  3. i wouldn’t worry to much about it! What do the admins know anyway? kids like sarcasm.

  4. I’ve always categorized sarcasm within the scope of word play and considered those who were capable of it as being somehow evolved beyond those who are prone to more direct and literal approaches. What do you think about that?

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