A meme…for lack of anything else to write about…

A meme, stolen from the loverly and talented Mrs. Chili.
What I was doing 10 years ago: Oh crap — 10 years ago in May was the end of my undergraduate career at my Alma Mater. This week or next week would’ve been finals week. I spent a lot of that week panicking about a) leaving my then boyfriend and b) finding a job — IN RADIO.
Five Snacks I would enjoy regularly in a perfect, non weight-gaining world:
1) my mom’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies 2) cheese — like Gouda & stuff 3) hostess foods 4) mt dew and coca-cola 5) candy (chocolate). I have a real sweet tooth, and unfortunately, I eat this stuff fairly regularly which is why I’m a pudge.
Five things in the real world?:
1) Sushi (yummy!) 2) veggies and ranch 3) chicken (in various forms) 4) Mexican food 5) Italian food
Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1) Buy a house, in cash 2) Pay off my school debt and all my parents debt 3) Buy a car 4) donate money to find a cure for leukemia & other stuff 5) Buy BOOKS!
Five jobs that I have had:
1) Radio News Director 2) Social worker 3) Teacher 4) deli worker at a supermarket 5) Walgreens (ick)
Three of my habits:
1) Slovenliness (I hate cleaning) 2) Procrastination 3) Singing in harmony to the radio, etc.
Five place I’ve lived:
1) this apt 2) house in a suburb 3) apt alone 4) apt w/ roommate 5) parent’s house (all in the same state, so can’t give it away)
Five things that can be found in/on my bedside table:
1) cell phone 2) glass of water 3) box of kleenex/tissues 4) hair elastics & barrettes 5) allergy meds
Well, that’s it for now peeps!

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