and the livin’ is easy. Fish are jumpin’, and the cotton is high…

Or, if you so choose, you can think of the Will Smith song Summertime (from my junior high days)…anyway…

The question du jour lately is what am I doing this summer? I’m actually doing a lot. When I don’t have stuff to do, then I take things to the extreme in the opposite direction. I much resemble a slug, in fact.

1) Summer School: I’m teaching summer school at a different school w/in my district. Let’s just say, that summer school will be a cakewalk. Little to no planning, plus $30 an hour for half days till June 29? It’s awesome. Plus, it will help pay for my classes next fall and spring.

2) Grad school: I’m taking two classes as part of my grad program this summer. First class is Colloquium on American Lit, the second class is Reading Problems. My reading list is pretty extensive.
American Literature
a) With Rigor for All by Carol Jago
b) Readicide by Kelly Gallagher
c) Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton
d) Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane
e) The Fall of the House of Usher and other writings by Edgar Allen Poe
f) Collected Stories by Willa Cather
g) selections from the Norton Anthology from 1865 to the present

Reading Problems

a) Readicide by Kelly Gallagher
b) When Kids Can’t Read by Kylene Beers

After all my “edumication” is over, I have a family trip planned for the fourth of July weekend. I also have to attend PD related to new grading practices my district. We are planning to move to a 5-point grading scale next year. I’m not sure how that will work or look. But, at least we’re not changing our grading practices in one fell swoop.

I have one more thing that I’m hoping to do during July, but I don’t know for sure about that yet. So, when I find out, that’s another post.

What about you all? What are you doing for the summer?


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One response to “Summertime…

  1. I hope that you squeeze in some rest!!!

    Happy summer to you, girlieo!

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