Schedule for 2010-2011

So…my tentative schedule for next year is this:

Semester One
1st: Junior English (1st floor)
2nd: Homeroom (2nd floor)
3rd: Senior English (2nd floor)
4th: Credit Recovery (1st floor)
5th: Plan

Semester Two
1st: Junior English (1st floor)
2nd: Homeroom (2nd floor)
3rd: Credit Recovery (1st floor)
4th: Plan
5th: Junior English (2nd floor)

Credit Recovery for 1st and 3rd quarters will be makeup for Freshmen or Sophomore English. Credit Recovery for 2nd & 4th Quarters is makeup for Junior or Senior English. The junior/senior class is geared more towards writing, so I’m going to tweak it to make it more writing intense. It was last year, but…it wasn’t exactly what I like.

Currently, I’m in 3 rooms throughout the year, not counting homeroom. However, that’s why I put the 1st & 2nd floor stuff. I’m in a different room for each block. Plan period will be in our English office area. If they ever take our office area away (b/c we don’t have room) I will be supremely pissed and will DEFINITELY look for a job at a new school.

We have a new principal this year…I’m nervous. It’s like being at a new job all over again. Change (that I didn’t initiate) gives me such anxiety. Bleagh…

I hope that my curriculum person works things out so that I’m not traveling all the live-long day. I might just buy myself some KEENS and wear them and say they’re dress shoes. Shit.



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4 responses to “Schedule for 2010-2011

  1. girl, I’m sooo sorry for you! And your schedule just seems crazy. Am I understanding this right? You have 3 preps each semester? I am sooo confused by this idea of credit recovery.

    • You are correct…one semester I actually have four preps. Because I’ll have junior & senior English, then 2 different classes that are credit recovery.
      Credit Recovery is what I jokingly call “Last Chance English”. It’s a class that has no set curriculum, but can make up a missing English credit. So, in theory, a kid could be taking 2 English classes a quarter. Generally, the classes are reserved for seniors who need the credits to graduate.
      Really, they’re for kids who keep failing English for whatever reason & even with summer school, they need the opportunity to make up credit. We have so many sections of credit recovery at my school — to help boost grad rates.

  2. Wow, that is pretty rough.

    I wonder how long your class periods are? Only 5 periods seems strange to me.

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