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I’m not sure that what I have qualifies as insomnia. But, I DO know that my sleep schedule is completely screwed up. As you will see when I post this blog entry, it is way past the normal “go to sleep” time for people. In fact, in other time zones, some people are waking up to start their day right now. In MY time zone my dad gets up around this time because his drive to work takes him an hour and he starts work really early. (Lucky him — he’s on vacation this week).

I’m not sure why I can’t sleep. Maybe I’m nervous about year four. Maybe I have just got on a bad sleep schedule. I thought back to my day…I got out of bed at noon (yeah, that’s late, but…even with that, I used to be able to go to bed at 1 am & fall asleep) and didn’t have any caffeine after 4pm. I wish I knew what was going on. A few years ago I had really severe sleep problems. Those problems were because my boyfriend at the time moved to AZ. When he moved, I realized I hadn’t slept in my (still newish) apartment alone yet (I moved in, in July…he moved away in October). Our relationship was great while he was here — it floundered and sputtered when he moved. My doctor put me on Ambien. For the most part, I loved it. It was fantastic and worked really well for me. I just got worried that I needed it too much.

Yet…every summer I go through the same thing. I screw up my sleep schedule & act like I’m some college kid. I stay up late & get up late. I’ve never had trouble sleeping in in the morning. This summer has been the worst though. I go to bed and I just lie there. I can’t get my brain to shut off. Right now, I’m only sort of tired. (It doesn’t help that I’m worried the A/C in my apartment is dying — it sounds so loud, like it will rocket out of the wall. FREAKY!). Last night I just lie there, then I put on some relaxing music. However, the relaxing music triggered something in me (I don’t feel like going into the details) and I started to freak out & cry. (not related to the ex-boyfriend, trust me).

I hate not being able to sleep. I LOVE sleep. Sleep is wonderful. Sleep makes me happy. Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. But right now, sleep is what I cannot have. I don’t want to have to call my doctor, but…maybe there’s just too much in my brain right now in my life. Maybe I have to have ambien again. It certainly was magical. I just don’t like the idea of being reliant on something to help me sleep. However, the tylenol pm just isn’t cutting it anymore. And, I can’t not sleep. Not sleeping will be…well, apparently you can die if you don’t sleep. I’m not up for that.

So, maybe I’ll call my doctor tomorrow. Crap. I mean…today. The sun will be up soon. My alarm is set for 9:30. I wonder when I’ll stop hitting snooze & get up?…

I do have to take the recycling to the recycling place…and move all my magazines to school and…

See…see what it’s like in my head? Geez.

Ok, g’nite!



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A meme…for lack of anything else to write about…

A meme, stolen from the loverly and talented Mrs. Chili.
What I was doing 10 years ago: Oh crap — 10 years ago in May was the end of my undergraduate career at my Alma Mater. This week or next week would’ve been finals week. I spent a lot of that week panicking about a) leaving my then boyfriend and b) finding a job — IN RADIO.
Five Snacks I would enjoy regularly in a perfect, non weight-gaining world:
1) my mom’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies 2) cheese — like Gouda & stuff 3) hostess foods 4) mt dew and coca-cola 5) candy (chocolate). I have a real sweet tooth, and unfortunately, I eat this stuff fairly regularly which is why I’m a pudge.
Five things in the real world?:
1) Sushi (yummy!) 2) veggies and ranch 3) chicken (in various forms) 4) Mexican food 5) Italian food
Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1) Buy a house, in cash 2) Pay off my school debt and all my parents debt 3) Buy a car 4) donate money to find a cure for leukemia & other stuff 5) Buy BOOKS!
Five jobs that I have had:
1) Radio News Director 2) Social worker 3) Teacher 4) deli worker at a supermarket 5) Walgreens (ick)
Three of my habits:
1) Slovenliness (I hate cleaning) 2) Procrastination 3) Singing in harmony to the radio, etc.
Five place I’ve lived:
1) this apt 2) house in a suburb 3) apt alone 4) apt w/ roommate 5) parent’s house (all in the same state, so can’t give it away)
Five things that can be found in/on my bedside table:
1) cell phone 2) glass of water 3) box of kleenex/tissues 4) hair elastics & barrettes 5) allergy meds
Well, that’s it for now peeps!

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Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. Rather than complain about all the things I could complain about, and contine to be negative nelly…I want to celebrate my favorite teachers instead.  DK, AK, RW, TB, LB, MV, DN, AS, DH, DJ, JH, and TB2– I am who I am b/c of you. less than 5 seconds ago via web.

DK and AK: my parents. Without them, I would be lost, in so many ways. They raised me right and I’m thankful for it.

RW: my high school English teacher. She was always one of my favorite people, and I loved having her as a teacher. In fact, she is who inspired me to become a teacher.

TB: my high school history teacher for AP American History. He allowed be to be creative and didn’t seem to mind my sarcasm. I enjoyed his classes immensely, not just because they were interesting .

LB & MV: my fourth grade and sixth grade teachers, respectively. These women made all the things that weren’t English related fun when I was in elementary school.

EW: my sixth grade reading/English teacher. She taught us to speed read, introduced us to poetry, and took us on walks to the nearby park. I still remember the day we went and had to dry out our clothes on the radiators because of the snow. Perhaps the most fun I’ve ever had while learning.

DN: Ninth grade English teacher. She made me work for my grades and didn’t just accept that my work was good enough. I appreciate that now, though I might not have then.

AS & DH: My high school band and choir teachers, respectively. Though AS has passed on (R.I.P.), I still think of him so often. He was the first teacher to make me feel guilt — my talent at my instrument could be so much more, he said, if I’d only practice. I was a music major because he made me think it was possible. Meanwhile, DH was the first vocal teacher to appreciate my talent in that area. Everyone else didn’t think I could sing.

DJ: My college flute instructor. I’ve never worked so hard in my life as when I was preparing for my senior recital. She never gave up and used just the right amount of guilt, shame and encouragement to keep me working.

JH: My college communication teacher, who enjoyed my research but told me I couldn’t really write. It was a hard pill to swallow, but those lessons were oh so necessary.

and finally

TB2: My poli-econ professor. I didn’t understand the subject, but she taught it well enough and had high expectations that WORKED for that B, and totally appreciated it as well. May she R.I.P. as well.

When I look back over my life, I am blessed to have SO MANY teachers who have made a difference in my life. I can only hope that I am that teacher for at least one of my students. I hope they’ll look back, when they’re an adult, and think, “Man, MidwestTeacher was super tough, but I learned so much from her — and I’m glad she was my teacher. ”

So…thank you, all of you. I’m glad you were my teachers.


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Wow…see…this is further proof that I’m math retarded. Check out my 100% musical skillz too! Fo-shizzle!

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Yeah, and also, see how I don’t think, but feel instead. Yeah…you can’t feel your way through teaching kids how to do things. I guess I just have to bore them to death with examples of how I do things.

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